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"JAYY!" Dahvie sobbed as a man pinned him to the wall kneeing him in the rib.
"Shut up faggot!" the man yelled punching Dahvie in the face.
"JAYYYYYY!" Dahvie screamed as he got punched in the stomach.
"SHUP UP OR I WILL KILL YOU! GOT IT?" the man threatened.
Dahvie whimpered as a response before being punched in the chest letting out another loud cry. Dahvie bit his tongue trying to stop him for calling for help so hard he cut his tongue. The man punched Dahvie square in the face giving him a blood nose. "HELP ME!" Dahvie cried out.
"LITTLE FUCKER!" the man yelled going to punch him in the face.
But before the man's fist connected with Dahvie's face someone grabbed his fist and spun him around slamming him onto the ground. "Dahvie...Dahvie.....DAHVIE are you okay?!?!" Jayy asked kneeling in front of Dahvie since Dahvie had slid down the wall when the man lost his pressure on him. Dahvie looked up at Jayy with blood dribbling down his chin. "Jayy...." Dahvie said croakily from screaming his lungs out.
"Dahvie it will be okay!" Jayy said hugging Dahvie tightly.
Dahvie winced in pain. "Sorry...Come on let's get you to the principle. I am so sorry I didn't get here fast enough!" Jayy sobbed.
Dahvie nodded and stood up with Jayy's help. Painfully Jayy walked him to the office and sat down pulling Dahvie on his knees. Dahvie rest his head on Jayy's chest and smiled weakly saying "Jayy you are my best friend...."
Jayy smiled brushing hair from Dahvie's face whispering "You're my best friend to..."
Two of the school jocks walked into the room glaring at the two scene kids helping their friend who had threatened to kill Dahvie onto a chair and sat with him.
Dahvie giggled at the fact the one who had hurt him, had ripped his clothes and had grazes on his body from being skimmed across the ash felt.
"Can you boys come in?"  The teacher asked the jocks helping them into the principal's office.
"I hate high school..." Dahvie whispered closing his eyes.
"Me to buddy me too..." Jayy frowned.
Dahvie mumbled something but Jayy did not hear so he asked "What was that Dahvie?"
"Nothing...." Dahvie whispered.
The school nurse walked up to them with her medical kit and asked "Would you please get off of him Dahvie?"
Jayy growled hugging Dahvie closer to him. The nurse sighed than said "Well at least face me?"
Dahvie nodded and twisted on Jayy so he was facing the nurse who went to work on his bleeding nose.   
"Okay is your rib or anything really sore?" she asked.
Dahvie shook his head pushing back into Jayy. "If he hurts Dahvie again I will not hold back i will rip him in half!" Jayy threatened.
The nurses raised an eyebrow at Jayy and asked "Is he your Boyfriend or something?"
Dahvie blushed. "No we are just close friends!" Jayy blurted out.
"Oh okay just you two look cute together!" she said walking off.
"Well that was awkward..." Dahvie said.
Jayy nodded as the door opened and they were given a signal to come into the office. "Okay by the sounds of it Dahvie, Jayy was seeing his girlfriend behind his back so he decided to hurt the thing most important to him which was Dahvie, than Jayy stood up for Dahvie and kicked his- and hurt him" The principal said.
Dahvie grabbed Jayy's hand and squeezed calming Jayy down. "Well maybe he felt threatened that you would turn from gay to straight just to steal his girlfriend..." she said frowning.
"You're kidding me? Are you saying i would go straight for that ugly blond Barbie doll bitch with fake tits?" Jayy asked frowning.
Dahvie giggled but stopped and grabbed Jayy's arm as two of the jocks pushed the guy against the chair stopping him from killing them. Dahvie whimpered remembering the pain as his head started to throb.  Jayy growled protectively stopping the guy from moving.
The lady frowned and started filling out a sheet of paper saying "Detention MR.Olvier..."
Jayy smirked at him before standing up with Dahvie walking him to the end of the oval. "Hey Dahvie want to come to my house tonight?" Jayy asked because it was going to be the weekend.
"Sure, can i sleep over because my parents are away on a holiday?" Dahvie asked.
Jayy smiled and nodded. Jayy had always had a crush on Dahvie and would do anything to help him or make him feel better. The only problem was Dahvie was as straight as a fucking ruler! "Jayy, earth to Jayy, you in there?" Dahvie asked pouting the cute way he does.
"Yea Dahvie?" Jayy asked fixing his hair.
"The bell just went. Lunch has ended!" Dahvie said grabbing Jayy's hand blushing as he pulled him into the dance room.

"Jayy can we go to my place so i can get my stuff first?" Dahvie asked receiving a nod.
Dahvie smiled and grabbed his hand before they both started to run towards his house.
Dahvie and Jayy laughed as they stopped outside the house puffed out. "Haha you are so cute!" Jayy said making Dahvie blush as he unlocked the door.
Dahvie pulled Jayy into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom. Jayy sat on the bed while watching Dahvie throw clothes into a backpack along with makeup, hair products, and a hairbrush. "Done yet princes?" Jayy asked with a cocky smile.
"YES!" Dahvie exclaimed pulling Jayy out of the house so they would get to Jayy's faster.
Jayy smiled and unlocked the door; he turned to Dahvie and picked him up running him through the house and up stairs before dropping Dahvie on the bed. Dahvie giggled like a little girl but stopped and blushed when Jayy climbed on top of him. "Jayy what are you doing?" Dahvie asked shakily biting his lip.
Jayy smiled and smashed his lips against Dahvie's in a messy kiss. A moan broke from Dahvie's lips making Jayy push his tongue into his mouth running his tongue over Dahvie's, making him moan louder. Jayy ran his hands up and down Dahvie's sides as he kissed him roughly and forcefully. Dahvie kissed back harder looping his arms around Jayy's neck loosely closing his eyes as he inhaled Jayy's sent. Jayy pulled back for air making the two gasp for air while laughing at each other. "Dahviebear you are so cute~!" Jayy exclaimed still gasping for air making Dahvie giggle.
"No Jayy you are the cute one!" Dahvie replied pecking Jayy on the lips.
Jayy smiled kissing Dahvie softly, "You kiss the lips of evil, two months it's all the same" sung out but ended when Dahvie answered his phone making Jayy sigh.  "Bitch please where i am is none of your business!" Dahvie said like a pissed off teenage girl into the black phone making Jayy giggle.
Dahvie hung up with a disgusted look on his face dropping the phone. "What was that about?" Jayy asked narrowing his eyes.
"My mum thinks i am going to get some chick preg while she is gone!" Dahvie said shivering.
Jayy burst out laughing then stopped to ask "Dahvie are you gay?"
"No comment!" Dahvie blurted out blushing deeply.
Jayy laughed and kissed him again whispering "I love you, just wanted you to know...."
Dahvie smiled and said "good you better because i love you to!"
Jayy smiled and rolled off of Dahvie and grabbed his hips snuggling into him. Dahvie fell asleep after a while of sitting in their embrace making Jayy smile. 'Oh god he is so cute!' Jayy thought as he moved rainbow coloured hair from Dahvie's face, watching him sleep Jayy found himself dosing off. Jayy and Dahvie slept in each other's arms that night not caring about what people think or if they get accepted.
just a little Jayy and Dahvie yaoi
my first Dahvie and Jayy one ever

Edit: wow this got more faves then i thought it would thanks guys~
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